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PROM 2011

Hi guys. Please help me decide. This is for my ikakaganda rin naman. . HAHAHAHAHAHA Tapos tapos kelangan ko na rin kasing magpatahi this week so yeah.. Pili lang ung mga lalaking pinapapili ko dito, k? Wag kamo kayong maingaaaay!! Pleaz. Game!


Suggestions, Comments or whtvr are much appreciated. Lavyous!!<3










* (1) –

* (2) – I

* (3) –

* (4) –

* (5) – I

OPTION #10 –


“gusto mo 10?”

-Papa Karl



“yung 4 hindi kasi pangprom. pang after party!”

“yung pang 7 kaso palitan mo yung sapatos >:)”


“7 din ako bebe pero ibang shoes dapat, haha”


“pinaghahandaan talaga kat XD”


“1O 😐 wait lang ung serioso”


“pwede na rin ung ten HAHAHA”

“10 pla ftw! :)) jk”

“option 10 :)) super natawa ako ng bongga”

– JC



5) CARANDANG, Katrina Mae S.

Honestly, Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako or maiirita sa random sectioning na yan.  Kanina pa BV!! Wala si Regie. Mamimis ko siya. Gusto ko din ksama si Jay and Kim. Err. But, still.. i’m hoping na this school year would be great.

Last na to, K? 😦

Let alone to rust alone.

I feel like I’m stuck on a train. Trains can be exciting sometimes, you know. You look out, and everything is just sliding by steadily. Trees, hills, people and places. All kinds of things you’ll never know just zooming past your eyes like magic, and the sound of the train moving on its track is really soothing to me. A mechanical lullaby that takes me away, like a movie. I have to be taken away to enjoy things, it seems. Also depressing. But beside the point. Eventually you stay on the train so long and nothing ever happens, things just keep rolling by, and it’s not stimulating anymore. Sometimes a random thing will pop out from outside, a person with a crazy hat, perhaps, or a beautiful tree in front of a sunset. Something nice that does not always show up. But then it just flies by like everything else, and it’s gone in a flash, but it never lasts. The fun never lasts, but the depression does.

It’s always there somewhere. It just floats up and down like something floating in the water, moving back and forth with the moon and the tide and my mood and my life.

Everything is just a big fat mess, and I can’t focus, and I don’t know where I am going to go from here.

Major Fact: I feel so blue at the moment because of someone. Someone who i used to talk with almost everyday of my life, the one who will listen to my drama’s, random stuffs, everything. I miss you. I miss the way we were.  But.. Why? What happened? I just don’t seem to understand. I wish could talk to you soon.

We watched ‘The last song’ earlier today and i liked it. I can so relate to it, The father-daughter thing. It’s a good movie suggestion for the upcoming father’s day. Another thing that i observed is, Miley Cyrus can’t act. lol! Seriously, not so impressive. While Liam Hemsworth ( her on/off screen boyfriend) is too damn hot for her. Lucky Miley! Oh God it rhymes. Hahah! And yeah, this movie made me cry. a bit. hihi. Love you dad. :-*

O Contentment, Where Art Thou?

Err. Sometimes I wish that I could find happiness in my everyday life the way it seems most people do. I just wish I could be mildly content without having dramas and comedies in it. I just wish something would happen. Things happen, but nothing happens. Nothing really excites me anymore. And if Life isn’t exciting, what the hell is? And what the heck’s the point? 😐 Call me anything you want, but I see no point in going through the motions if you don’t enjoy it at all. /wrists Jk!!

Hm. What’s the difference between Happiness and Contentment anyway? As of :
Happiness results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good.
w/c means that you have to receive or attain something in order to be happy. Granted, there are things that we receive or attain that have nothing to do with wealth. A tight hug. Being loved in return. Waking up on a beautiful day. All of these things can be either received or attained without the use of money, and at the same way are able to bring about happiness.
Contentment is a peaceful kind of happiness in which one rests without desires, even though every wish may not have been gratified.

therefore, is not dependent upon receiving or attaining anything at all. It’s being satisfied with what you really have instead. It is also very difficult for most, including me, to experience. 😦 Lol.

I honestly tried my best to explain exactly how i feel. *sigh* So yeah.. 🙂 Too much for the drama! I’m enjoying WordPress btw ~